Attention Test

Rules: as quickly as possible find and click all numbers/letters in order from first to last. Features: 7 unique fields with 3 modes each- Clicks over time statistic- Golden stars for clean and fast passing- Green clue marker - press "tap next" label or string above itBackground: Modified Schulte table (aka numbers game) is a field with randomly distributed numbers or letters of various sizes used for development of speed reading, peripheral vision, attention and visual perception. Unlike original Shulte's tables, in this game you can actively move sight around the field. While your eyes are actively moving, brain must quickly switch from large to small numbers, it is a kind of analogue switch focus from near to distant objects. Both directional and peripheral visions are involved. In addition to eyesight training, this game is a great simulator to train memory and attention. While looking through numbers, you involuntarily or purposely memorize them and then find them quickly. Thus, your visual memory improves. If you want to achieve good results and improve your eyesight, memory and attention, you need to play the game on a regular basis. At least once a day play a hard level (marked as "H"). Or several times a day play a medium level (marked as "M").
Operating System Android