2048 Quest Age of Edo City: King of Ninja Cats

2048 Quest Age of Edo City: King of Ninja Cats isFree for life without time limit. No problem without WIFI. No problem in flight. Easy and fun to play anytime. With straightforward tutorials. No time restrictions. No. Stress. Let's build a more wonderful Edo town by adding the same level of architecture. Please bring the building together and raise the village. Callenge various missions. Remove obstacles to civilization construction. What's the last of your city construction? You want to challenge? Download now. [Features]- Add the same building and level up the building. Remove obstacles to civilization construction (Ninja Cats, Watch Tower) - Keep your buildings safe from mines. Use the item to clear the stage mission. Grow your civilization and break through the various missions and stages. No. Stress. You can enjoy without time limit. [Please note]1. All game data is lost if the app is deleted. 2. Has in-game purchases and advertisements. 3.2048 Quest Age of Edo City for your smooth game play The following permissions are required. External save permission to download the data needed for the game[WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE]email: edo2048@hotist. net2048 Quest Age of Edo City: King of Ninja Cats Thank you everyone for your time and interest. If you had fun, please spread the word to your friends and leave a review. Your reviews help immensely with improving the game.
Operating System Android