Fruits And Vegetables Memory Game For Toddlers

Fruits And Vegetables Memory Game is an educational and entertaining game. It is a simple, fun game for toddlers and kids. It's easy to play this game. You just have to tap to flip the fruits and vegetables cards and match them up. Fruits And Vegetables memory game for toddlers and kids is the classic card matching game, which help develop memory skills of children. Playing this fruits and vegetables matching game with your kids will help them improve their recognition while having fun. Kids memory game contains very cute images of fruits and vegetables as banana, strawberry, tomatoes, apple, etc., which are on memory cards. How to play fruits and vegetables game for kids: For each level, player is required to tap the square buttons and need to memorize what is behind it in order to match its couple. Players are required to complete a level in to match all the fruits and vegetables. After than tap to next level button to go to new game. Features of fruits and vegetables memory game for toddlers: Three different levels of game play: easy (3x2 puzzles), medium (4x3 puzzles) & hard (5x4 puzzles) - Memory game develops recognition, concentration and motor skills of kids- Matching games has cute sounds for kids- Colorful HD graphic designed for toddlers- Beautiful and colorful recognizable images of fruits and vegetables like orange, lemon, cocumber, watermeloon, etc.It helps kids to recognize and teach different fruits and vegetables- Matching game is designed and structured according to kid's mentality Simple and intuitive, your baby will have lots of fun for hours. This educational game will help your toddler to improve skills in problem solving, logical and cognitive skills, concentration and memory. Join fun and play fruits and vegetables memory game.
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