Number Drop - Math Puzzle Game

Number Drop is a unique math puzzle game. The game involves performing arithmetic on a grid of numbers to reach target values. It's mental math for adults, made fun. NumberDrop can be considered as a logic, arithmetic and problem solving game. There are multiple target numbers to reach so the order and direction you combine the numbers matters. The game is simple to play but the puzzles become extremely challenging. There are hundreds of levels and an infinite number of puzzles can be generated in random mode. Some puzzles are challenging; no puzzle is impossible. Any puzzle can be shared with friends. Build up your mental math skills and train your brain. Features: Hundreds of math puzzles to build your arithmetic skills and train your brain. Unlimited puzzles generated in Random mode. Share any puzzle with friends. Leaderboards and AchievementsHow to play: Select +, -, or. and swipe between two numbers to combine them. The bottom row values must equal the target values in the same order with nothing left over. Sometimes you will get stuck. You can restart, undo or use a hint. Social Media:
Operating System Android