Your brain also needs exercise to stay fit and a strong brain leads to a more balanced life. With this Brain Booster application, you can improve your short-term memory, speed, concentration. All this app need is your 5 minutes daily to wake up your brain and make it younger and smarterBrain booster 60 is a very simple game which focuses on improving the brain efficiency and its searching and retaining capacity. All a player has to to do is to find number from 1 to 60 sequentially as fast as possible while you are looking for a number you are not only finding that number but certain numbers greater than thatto save your time and to improve your retention abilityTutorialFind number from 1 to 60 sequentially. Faster you find the number better will be the scoreAll you have is 60 seconds. KEY FEATURES. Challenge your friends to see who is the smartest of all. Get extra points by finishing the game as early as possible. The app can be used as a memory test. This app will always be free. Determines your touch ability. Increases your accuracyBOOST YOUR BRAINWhatever your age is, whether you are young or old you can always make your brain younger this app is a brain gym which helps you to get to reach your full potential, this brain game helps you to improve your working memory, short-term memory, retention capacity which helps in brain connectivity. An ideal brain game for adult as well as for children'sI hope you enjoy boosting your brain.
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