Swap the letters next to each other to form a meaningful word in each row and complete the level by creating such words in all the rows. This is what the Words Switch is about. This word puzzle game delivers hours of fun to you and your family and friends and it also helps you learn new worlds in different categories. Words Switch comes with a clean and neat design and the interface is so user-friendly that you will get the whole idea after trying it for a few times. This word puzzles game lets you play in 3 different difficulty levels and as you choose harder levels, you get to find words with more letters. Each level has a special theme and you need to find the words related to that category. Words Switch Main Features at a Glance: High quality graphics with user-friendly interface. Challenging world puzzles to solve. Three difficulty levels: Easy, Normal and Hard. Get tips when you are stuck in a level. Fun for all ages. Free to play So, if you are into such word puzzle games and looking for an app to both entertain and learn you something, you've come to the right place. There are tons of unique levels with different difficulties to solve and since your time is limited you have to swipe between blocks fast and precise. Don't forget to read the level's theme before starting a level and use the hints when necessary. Download Words Switch for free and let us know about any bugs, questions, feature requests or any other suggestions.
Operating System Android