Bubble Pop Pet: Magic Puzzle

Shooter game is familiar with hundreds of different versions on the android platform, it is the best type of entertainment game today with the match 3 category has become famous and the player voted as one. The most popular game genres. With the bubble shooter, you will be immersed in the world of colorful balls dancing on the screen and together with the panda bear to participate in the rescue of hard animals are detained in the The balls and wait for you to save. Come along with the Panda Bear to save the pet in this game Bubble Pop Pet: Magic Puzzle offline. In the game Bubble Pop Pet: Magic Puzzle you will be challenged with two modes of play along with over 100 challenging and challenging puzzles for each mode: PUZZLE MODE: With a limited number of balloons to rescue your pet, you need to have a reasonable calculation and strategy to pass the level. ENDLESS Mode: With this mode, you will experience classic fireballs. The balls are constantly flowing, you have to shoot fast, accurate to destroy the bubbles and try not to let the balloons hit the line. Game features Bubble Pop Pet: Magic Puzzle: The game is free, you can play offline and challenge with friends to play. Beautiful visuals, fun sounds along with super cute characters. Fun games for all ages and compatible on all models. Game of wisdom, with simple gameplay but difficult to masterHow to play Bubble Pop Pet: Magic Puzzle: Shoot the eggs in the same colored bubbles and make them explode. Shoot as fast as the bubbles get more gold rewards. Shoot the eggs in the bubbles that trap the hard animals and make them explode. Shoot all the bubbles that contain pets as you pass levels. Along the way, there will be many obstacles preventing you from reaching your destination, so we have dedicated you to support bubbles like bubbles, bubbles, bombs. You have to use them in a reasonable way to win. Gaming Bubble Pop Pet: Magic Puzzle will definitely bring you moments of relaxation, great entertainment and endless fun. What are you waiting for, get started right away.
Operating System Android