ColorBlocks for Windows 10

ColorBlocks is a logic puzzle about trying to color a city, in order to do that you should find the correct solution in the minimum tries for each level. Just drag and drop the colors onto the rectangles and see if you matched the correct location. ColorBlocks will give you clues after each attempt. For every correct position we will give you a feedback made out of circles, for every correct color, and triangles for correct color but on wrong position. The position of the symbols is not related to the position of the colors. You can check your last moves in order to find the next one. Using the hints from the previous tries, find the color combination. Once every few levels you get an achievement which is a part of the city, you can see the map in the achievement tab. How far can you go? ColorBlocks features: 36 levels -9 city achievements -No time limit -Interactive clues -Random generated combinations -Ability to check your last moves -Easy and fun to play, challenging to master -Tests your logic in finding combinations.
Operating System Windows Mobile Windows 10 Mobile Windows
System RequirementsAvailable for Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8 (ARM)