Sky Puzzle: Match 3 Game

Swap and match colorful tokens at a breathtaking height. Get off the ground and experience a gripping puzzle adventure with a boy and his chubby dog on a jolly journey across sky islands. There's a thief sneaking around and making troubles for island dwellers, so get ready for boss fights you won't soon forget. EXTRAORDINARY SETTING: Unlock and explore 15 themed islands floating in the sky. BEST MATCH 3 MECHANICS: Collect a certain color. Clear fixed blockers. Drop toys to the bottom. Match moving toy soldiers. Defuse time bombs. More fun objectives added with every new update. BOSS LEVELS: Collect and throw handfuls of tokens to win duels against the thief. SUPER-DUPER BOOSTERS: Unlock & use boosters for HIGH scores, and enjoy stunning animations. BONUSES, REWARDS: Return every day for a Daily Bonus. Claim tip-top rewards for each completed island. FRIENDS ALLOWED: Invite Facebook friends. Not only because you miss them, but also to compete with and get gifts from. Download and play now.
Operating System Android