Black Box Puzzle Game (1/100)

Black Box is a puzzle game. You are given a rectangular arena with some balls hidden in it. Your goal is to deduce the position of the ball by the following rules. 1.) You can fire lasers at the edges of the arena and observe how those beams are deflected. 2.) A beam that hits a ball head-on is absorbed and will never re-emerge. This includes beams that meet a ball on the first rank of the arena. 3.) A beam with a ball to its front-left square gets deflected 90 degrees to the right. 4.) A beam with a ball to its front-right square gets similarly deflected to the left. 5.) A beam that would re-emerge from its entry location is considered to be 'reflected'. 6.) A beam which would get deflected before entering the arena by a ball to the front-left or front-right of its entry point is also considered to be 'reflected'. 7.) Beams that are reflected appear as a 'R'. 8.) Beams that hit balls head-on appear as 'H'. 9.) Otherwise, a number appears at the firing point and the location where the beam emerges (this number is unique to that shot).
Operating System Android