Car puzzles for kids brings you free vehicle puzzles for toddlers. It is designed to help kids learn different cars and trucks using cute cartoons. Spend quality time with your toddler and help him learn to place puzzle pieces and improve his motor skills. Multiple difficulty levels to keep your kids engaged, choose between three jigsaw sizes. All puzzles are free to play. Car puzzles for kids has 20 puzzles in total. There are 10 puzzles with race cars theme and 10 jigsaw with trucks like: firetruck, ambulance, excavator, oil car. Features: NEW. Cars and trucks memory game. Cute cartoon cars - race cars, firetruck, ambulance, excavator, oil car. Different difficulties - 4 to 16 pieces per puzzle. Different puzzle types. Easy to use for toddlers and kids. All puzzles are free. Family Ads. Safe hold to activate buttons. Designed for 1 to 5 year old kids. Pop balloons, water bubbles, eggs, fruits and many more after each levelBonus MEMORY GAME with CARS and TRUCKS. Benefits: Did you know that memory games increase toddler's concentration if played regularly? Memory games improve kids brain power. Memory games keep your child's brain active all the time. Memory games provide a positive effect on a toddler's mind. Memory games enhance toddler's reasoning and cognitive skills and boost up their brain functionality. Memory games are very healthy to your toddler's brain. It is advisable that the child gets these exercises at an early age. Memory games may help your child improve his academic performanceWhy Puzzles are so Important for Kids Learning? Cognitive skills - Psychologists say that a child's brain development is influenced significantly when a child acts on or manipulates the world around him or her. Puzzles provide that key opportunity. Hand-Eye Coordination - When children flip, turn, remove, etc.pieces of the puzzle, they are learning the connection between their hands and their eyes. Fine Motor Skills - Fine motor skills require small, specialized movements that puzzles provide. Problem Solving - As a child looks at various pieces and figures out where they fit or don't fit, he or she is developing this vital skill. Shape Recognition - Puzzles can help little ones with this, since the pieces need to be recognized and sorted before they can be assembled. Memory - Simple jigsaws and other types of puzzles may help enhance a child's memory. For example, a child will need to recall the size, color and shape of various pieces as he or she works through the puzzle. If a piece doesn't fit, the child sets it aside; but he or she will need to remember that piece when it is needed.
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