It's time to work on a bulldozer. Greet a new puzzle in the genre of Sokoban. You will manage a bulldozer and you need to move the boxes with the goods. At first glance, it is an easy job, but do not be so self-confident, our developers have tried to make the levels are very complicated, so you can not just go through the game. More than 200 different levels are waiting for you. Qualitative study of animation bulldozer, he shakes and emits sounds like a real. Two types of control. Sound settings. Bright and colorful design of the game. Simply stunning design, download, and you like it. The essence of the game is to move the bulldozer boxes, they need to get back on terms. As soon as you put the box on the point, it will be highlighted in blue. You can move only forward or a box on the side, you do not get to drag a box back. So be careful and do not put the box in the corner. But if this happens, you can cancel the course or to start the level over again. Simple operation, you do not have to press buttons randomly or possess certain skills. The game in which you need not hurry, it is better to think as follows, before making any move. Puzzle for all the family, there are no restrictions. It is a free game, it does not require an internet connection. You can play absolutely any time. Features: A new puzzle game in the genre of Sokoban;- More than 200 different levels;- A qualitative study of animation bulldozer;- Two types of control;- Sound system;- Bright and colorful design of the game;- Stunning design;- Easy operation;- A free game. How to play: It is necessary to move the bulldozer boxes, they need to get back on terms. All questions and suggestions in the comments, as well as in our groups. VK - - - a nice game. =).
Operating System Android