Mix bonbons and crumble cookies on the run. Show what you're made of while solving deliciously challenging puzzles and helping your new friends Cara and Mel escape from an ugly, gluttonous witch. Make lollipop combos, crush cookies, smash donuts, and collect teaware for a tea-and-pastry ceremony between breathtaking duels with the witch. Share every bit of this sweet candy-matching adventure with your friends. The best things to do in a candy-lover's paradise: Mix candy drops and chocolates to create colorful, tasty combos-Kick bad candies and angry pastries off the board-Run across a variety of mouthwatering worlds, including Purple Lollipopolis, Marshmeadow, Los Mexicandies, and more-Ruin the witch's appetite with super-powerful candy attacks-Win with limited moves and the unlimited power of explosive, sure-fire, high-scoring boosters.
Operating System Android