Word Search Race

SEARCH: Unlike other word search games, you only need to find one word per puzzle. The fun part is the letters in the puzzle are only from the word. (If the word is ROOM, then the puzzle will be made of R's O's and M's) Search, concentrate, find it in a straight line and move on to the next puzzle. FUN: Four game play modes. How many puzzles can you solve in two minutes? How long does it take you to solve 10 puzzles? Can you beat the daily challenge and earn hints? PRIZES: Earn trophies and beat your own scores. CHALLENGE: Finish a timed puzzle and send it to a Facebook friend for the ultimate showdown. Can they beat your score? We love word searches so we set out to re-imagine them for a fast paced, mobile world. Each puzzle is uniquely generated from thousands of possible words. Four different game play modes keep Word Search Race fresh and entertaining. Enjoy this simple and beautifully designed puzzle game. Please be aware: some older devices are unable to run Word Search Race because of low memory issues. We are working to solve the problem and we thank you for your patience. If you have any thoughts, please let us know. wordsearchrace@lanzivision.com.
Operating System Android