A Quote is hidden in the puzzle by vertically re-arranging some of the letters of the quote. You need to put the letters in correct order to reveal the hidden quote. If you like word puzzle games, you will certainly love this game. The space between puzzles are given by absent squares, and that serves as clue to form right words for the proverb or quotation. The game tests your skills to make words from combining letters in different rows and ability to guess the correct word from possible words that fits into the context. Sometimes you may have found all words, but in a different order and then setting it in the right order will make the quote more meaningful. This game is already popular in puzzle magazines and are known as quote fall, scrambled quotes and drop quotes. If you like crossword or cryptic quotes, then you will love this game. The game uses only carefully chosen quotes that are suitable for everyone in the family. The game is usually lot easier than cryptic quotes. If you are stuck in the game, you can use Hint button to reveal one word of the quotation at a time. Features more than 1200 quotations. All quote puzzles are available free, except that you may have to buy premium usage if you don't like the delay screens. This quote game does not use advertisements.
Operating System Android