Puzzlewood Quests Premium

An epic, role-playing, adventure quest with 16 fun puzzle & brain-training mini-games. Solve them before the enemy attacks. FEATURES- 17 games (including mini sudoku, word search, word math, and more) - 630+ enemies to pit your brainpower against- 9 worlds- 4 Heroes (with unique storylines; 2 regular and 2 for kids) - 70+ job titles to earn based on your mental progress- 30+ magical items (health potions, cheese of time, armor, weapons, etc. ) - Customize your hero with 4 different skills to upgrade (Intellect, Strength, Defense, Luck) - NO ads- NO In-App PurchasesKID MODEJack and Adriel are designed specifically for ages 4-7 with simpler puzzles and limited required reading.
Operating System Android