Welcome to the best Bible word game ever. For fans of board and word game who also love God's word, PRECEPTS is a great educational mind-building game that will help children and adults stay connected to God's word, while providing unprecedented spiritual edification. HOW TO PLAYPRECEPTS game play is typical of crosswords board games; you earn points by forming words found in the Holy Bible on the board in crossword pattern, horizontally and vertically (words flow left to right in rows or downwards in columns). You can boost your score by placing letters on any of the 5 high scoring bonus squares. Precepts allows English words used in the Bible, as well as words exclusive to the Bible, such as names of places, persons (Bible characters) and title of books in the Bible. Official list of PRECEPTS words contains all the words (22, 712 terms and vocables) in 12 English translations of the Holy Bible. UNIQUE GAME CHALLENGE LEVELSPRECEPTS spelling fields are inspired by the plan of the Old Testament temple having 3 sections namely, the OUTER COURT, HOLY PLACE and MOST HOLY PLACE. The restriction rule for access into the temple sections is depicted as the progression in game play from an easy to a more complicated level; posing a challenge for players, as game progresses from the grey spelling fields (outer court) to the light blue (the holy place) then to the dark blue spelling fields (the most holy place). PRECEPTS GAME SCORESThe measure of a player's Bible intelligence is the Bible Quotient: game score based on 2 scales: the higher is the number of Talents won for correct citation of Bible references, and the lesser is the points scored for words spelt. PRECEPTS TALENTYour depth of familiarity of the Scriptures is tested when you spell a name-word on THUMMIM, as you attempt to cite the correct reference for the name. You win a Talent (golden coin) for each correct citation. And every time the letter placed on THUMMIM is used to spell a new Model word or an existing name is modified, you also get x7 bonus and a chance to win another Talent for the new word (if you have purchased this feature for the current game). IMPROVE YOUR SKILLSGet better in the game with the "Teacher" feature - see the best word you could have formed after every turn. And if you are at loss for words, you have up to 5 chances of making computer play your "Best Word" when it's your turn. You can also look up words in the word list, built-in official PRECEPTS dictionary. Using PRECEPTS Dictionary, Teacher and Best Word features will help improve your Bible intelligence. LEADERBOARDUsername and unique avatar of top 100 players, ranked first by number of Talents and then game points are displayed. You can view the player profile page of players on the leader board by simply tapping on their avatar. DOWNLOAD FREEThe game is free to download and play; however, 3 in-app purchase features are available to enrich your gaming experience. In-app purchases are priced between $0. 99 and $2. 99. FUTURE REVISIONS OF APPThis debut version is a single player game to help players improve their skills in the game. The future version will be developed for multiplayer and also more translations of the English Bible will be incorporated in the dictionary.
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