This is a fun game brought to you by CarePlusSoft, bringing you games which will stimulate your logical and linguistic centers. It also helps you build your vocabulary. How many of these words do you know already? The game selects a random four letter word. To make it easier, none of the letters in the word are repeated. Which means, all four letters in the word are different. The goal is to find this word within 10 tries. The game's scoring system gives you clues about the letters and their relative position in the word with a score. Use these scores to find the word selected by the game. There is a hint system which can reveal upto three letters in their correct places. Use this if you're stuck at any point. There may be a lot of words you are not familiar with and the game helps you learn these words by giving you the dictionary meaning of the word selected after the game is over. Your comments and suggestions to improve the game further are cordially invited. Happy playing.
Operating System Android