Wheel of Word - Fortune Game

The Wheel of Word - Fortune Game is an entertaining online spin wheel game where you have to answer a set of questions within a limited time. Spin the magic wheel to get your random question and guess the answer. Spin the magic wheel to see what you're playing for, you might get lucky, guess a letter from the hidden phrase. If you're successful in finding the answer of the phrase then you will win your fortune. There are lots of categories to spin for and many levels to play. Get lucky and make a fortune spinning big bucks on the wheel, but make sure you solve the phrase to avoid bankruptcy and stop your friend from guessing more words! Spin Together and challenge your friends and family anywhere from your phone to see who can get the highest score and complete the most levels. Answer correctly to move on to next level. Play this word puzzle game to boost up your general knowledge. If you're a fan of slot games then you will love this word game. Useful tips: Make sure you solve the phrases to get the big bucks. Careful you don't find bankruptcy slots or you will lose everything. Use the guess button if you don't know the entire word or phrase.
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Android 2.3 and up