Find Differences

The classic puzzle game of Find Difference, where you need to spot 10 differences in each pair of pictures. All pictures are sorted into 10 different categories and interesting. This game is well developed attention, visual memory, and simply helps relax under the beautiful music Hang. Perfect for both children and adults. The game has no time limits. Just relax and enjoy the process of playing a calm and relaxing music Hang. 100 levels- HD images. Two tips at the end of each level. All pictures can be enlarged- If you can not complete a level, you can skip it and play at any time- The progress is saved at each level separately- If you have no more hints, replay the previous levels, gather more hints and go back to complete the current levelAll pictures are sorted into such categories: Animals- Architecture- Cars- Flowers- Food- Industrial- Interiors- Nature- Objects- TravelsSo you can use the tips that accumulate with the passage of new levels. Search and Find Differences.
Operating System Android