RummyFight - Now available in English, Dutch, German and Swedish. Challenge friends and strangers in this exciting rummy based game. You can play as many simultaneous fights as you like and each fight can be against 1-3 real opponents. Each time it's your turn in a fight, you will get notified and then you normally have 24 hours to make your meld (Since version 1. 28, this time can be from 5 minutes to 72 hours too). This means that you can leave the game at any times to do other things and then return when it's time. But you can also stay in a fight to see when your opponents play their tiles. RummyFight includes a Tutorial, Lobby Chat, In-Game-Chat, Settings, Statistics, Rating System, Friends List, a hidden puzzle game and lots more. Discover the amazing game of Rummy and realize how easy it is to learn. but how hard it is to master. Please visit www.rummyfight. se for more information and services. Check out our promo video (link below) to find out how to use the app.
Operating System Android