Monster Sandwich

Monster Sandwich (a puzzle game that tests your skills of insight) It's a super fun puzzle game. Adventure to a land inhabited by mysterious monsters. Put an end to the fight between Blue Monsters and Red Monsters, once and for all. Use your puzzle solving intuition and insight to beat the game. There are new monsters waiting for you on each stage. What's great about Monster Sandwich? Cute monsters. Simple but deep game strategy. Carefully balanced game play even on hard stages. If you put your mind to it. you can solve it. Free Hint Items every day. Even beginners can use Hint Items to challenge difficult stages. How to play: Make enemies disappear by sandwiching them between characters of the same type. The stage is complete when all the characters within the white border have been cleared. Depending on the monster type, sandwich them top and bottom, diagonally, left and right top and bottom, etc. There's many ways to eat a monster sandwich.
Operating System Android