Along try out for confectionery spend points with diamonds and precious stones. The game is very much loved young people. Simple gameplay is easy to understand how to play within 5 minutes. Games addictive and engaging everyone. This is a very cool game match3 and fun, so go ahead and start swiping your finger and enter the world of Mayhem & Mania match the candy. Match at least three diamonds of the same color to blast Mania candy we go, the bigger the game the better the score you get, and thus the greater bragging rights you get when you challenge friends and family your home to match a contest. As someone who love the game of diamonds, gemstones, sweet acacia ranked sure you will love and passion for this game. Game with a lot of challenges to overcome intellectual puzzles are not easy challenges the best minds. What are you waiting for. download and experience this gem candy game soon enough. Features. tons of confectionery, cookie and puzzle filled levels for you to challenge and crushed. Discover and upgrades with cute pet sweet powers to help you in your adventure. play everyday for increasing the utility and special event valuable power-ups. Play with friends and family: Journey together to help each other solve all the puzzles. candy graphics juicy, so delicious. Candy. great game experience. 100% free to play: puzzle skills challenge your resolve with this fun, casual game for free. How to play. Match and clear 3 or more of the cake. Match and clear 4 wheel in a line to outline a Zap. 5 wheel game and obviously in a T or L shape outline a Blast. matches and 5th gear in a line to clearly outline Blossom. Combine 2 specialty cakes for a tasty surprise.
Operating System Android