Coddy: World on Algorithm

Please try free version. Welcome to the robotech world of Coddy. New interpretation of a famous logic game about robots and algorithms. Challenge your logic in 120 unique levels in wich you must help Coddy the bot, to collect all stars and reach the exit. You will help Coddy, and he will help you not only understand the basics of programming, but also to train your wits. You will: Learn how to create algorithms and programs- Learn interesting things such as procedures, recursion and constructors- Understand the principles of the cycles and conditionsAnd then, will the real test of your logic: Writie intricate program up to three robots on the level and watch their funny synchronous execution- Devise and manage complex relationships- Overcome various obstacles- Use teleporters and breakpointsAll this awaits you in the exciting world of Coddy. In the world on algorithm.
Operating System Android