Mahjong: Titan kitty (Free)

Mahjong: titan kitty - is a colorful and pleasant mahjong, which will allow you to quickly pass the time enjoying the soothing melodies, perfectly fits the atmosphere of the game. The game has many different beautiful cards that do not let you get bored. Of these, we built the most interesting and original shapes, each of which is passed with pleasure and incredible emotions. In addition to the atmosphere of the classic mahjong available 3 bonus and the time scale with stars and awards. 3 bonuses - freezing time, mix cards, finding affordable move. These bonuses you activate for coins that get behind the moves and timely passage of levels. Also, we note that Mahjong: titan kitty is free and in-game advertising you see very rarely. Features: Relaxing, quiet music- Helpful bonuses- Timeline and prizes- Beautiful card with cats- Mahjong: titan kitty is freeWe wish you to enjoy the wonderful mahjong.
Operating System Android