Sticker Craft - game about crafting stickers and collecting them. For example, combine "Water" and "Lake" and get "Sea" sticker. Combine "Sea" to get "Ocean". Continue those logical sequences to discover all 210+ stickers. Most of them can be crafted using other stickers combinations, but some of them - only by Stickerizing [Wild] Stickers. That's unique feature of the game. [Wild] elements appear only when some requirements are met. For example - play at night (real night) and wait for [Wild] Moon appear. Or place Grass sticker somewhere on the game screen to [Wild] Sheep appear. After that type of elements appear you need to tame them by combining them with Stickerizer. This will create normal sticker and of course increase you discovered elements number. But not all [Wild] elements are so easy to find.
Operating System Android