Fugu Bubble Quest 2

Do You like puzzle games? Here`s a puzzle. Fugu 2 is bigger, better and she wears a sweater. No she`s not. But it`s redesigned and much more fun. Kids love it, adults can`t stop playing. 0 Match all the colourful members of the ocean kingdom but don't let FUGU mess your play up. 0 And when You need FUGU`S help - she`ll come to the rescue with her NEW FRIENDS. 0 Make combinations of at least 5 sea creatures in one line (vertical, horizontal, diagonal) to make them run away in a burst of bubbles. 0 They are lovely but don`t let sea creatures overwhelm You. 0 Most of all - just have fun. Check out the new features and game moods: CLASSIC - good old puzzle. TIME ATTACK. classic with a pinch of panic. VS.compete against friends and family. SIX BRAND NEW FUGU FISHES. use them wisely but don`t worry too much, You can add more using gold coins. GOLD COINS. collect as much as You can and then spend like there`s no tomorrow. GRAPHICS. You`ll be the judge. VISUAL EFFECTS. hollywood style, astonishing effects will take You straight to cool ocean waters. Your whole family can play FUGU BUBBLE QUEST 2 but BEWARE: this game is highly addictive. Have fun & share with Loved Ones.
Operating System Android