Are you a word juggler? Do you want to master the mind-blowing art of abc? Your goal is to build as many existing english dictionary words as possible by using the letters of the reference word. Wordception comes with a dictionary of 300. 000 words and three different game modes: # LEVEL GAMESolve different word challenges within the time limit in order to get to the next level. 99 levels are waiting for you. # ENDLESS GAMELean back and try to find as many word combinations as possible without any time pressure. Your highscore will be saved and displayed on the menue screen. # TWO PLAYER GAMEPlay Wordception with a friend on one device: who is able to find the best word combinations within 9 rounds of merciless letter battling? # LANGUAGE SWITCHINGIncrease your language skills: you can choose between English or German for your word adventures. Get a royal English word master now. No internet connection needed. Contains advertisement.
Operating System Android