Hack The Math - Brain Training

Hack The Math is a Mathematics game with focusing on Calculating ability. The game was designed for all students from 3rd, 4th, 5th, 9th graders or higher levels, for all people from Kids to Math Experts. In the modern days, smart phones and calculators make people become lazy by giving a quick result for complex formula without using your Brain, as a result, the kids lose the motivation for manual calculation. Hack The Math will help you solve the problem by practicing it anytime, anywhere. The game itself is very challenge, you need really high focus to play it well. There are 2 basic calculating skills you have to practice in the game, it's Addition and Subtraction, with the difficulty depend on your score. In the next versions, multiplication, division and other Math problems may be added. With Hack The Math you can: Train your brain- Improve Calculating Speed- Test your mathematical IQFeature: Addition- Subtraction- Limited Time- Increasing Difficulty- Infinite Quizzes.
Operating System Android