Animal Connect 2D

Ready to test your connecting skills? Did you play Onet connect game on desktop before? Animal Connect is an Onet game that requires you to connect all the animals on the board simply by link them within three lines of one another. You will need to keep track of the time as well because each level has a time limit and you have to focus on it if you want to get everything done in time. Also, you can try to get the highest possible score. It all comes down to you to figure out how much you want to play but the more you do the more fun it will be. [HOW TO PLAY]. Connect two animals within three lines to clear them off the board. Use the HINT button (? ) to reveal an animal connectable pair. If there's no more possible moves, the board will be re-arranged automatically. Match two lucky animal tiles to get boosts and bonuses. With more than 160 levels to choose from there are always new challenges to explore and overcome. Plus, Animal Connect features more than a dozen achievements and plenty of bonuses. These range in rarity and they can be anything from extra hints to re-arranging a row or column, re-arranging the entire board, auto-complete a random animal pair, getting a bonus score and getting more time. If you always wanted to test how good you are at matching and connecting or you are a fan of Onet connect game. Animal Connect is the connect game you need to check out. Don't hesitate and give Animal Connect a shot, you are bound to love it. [FEATURES]. Cool UI graphics and visual effects. Classic, simple and fun connect game play. 160 fun and exciting game levels to unlock. Awesome bonuses that will boost your game play. Multi challenges with different difficulty levels. Leader board and many achievements to unlock[CONTACT]Please report any bugs or suggestion of this game to, thank.
Operating System Android