Being able to socialize is one of the big factors that make human beings distinct from other species on Earth. For centuries, games have been a great source of socialization among human beings and our ancestors perhaps conceptualized them to give rise to social circles. In this spirit we introduce to you "Shapez". An incredibly addictive puzzle game that keeps you entertained and at the same time challenged for hoursBased on the ancient nobility / monarch, you have been conferred a title as a noble and given the Gentleman / Lady rank. Your mandate is to complete all the missions. At the end of the missions you will graduate to a higher rank and earn more privileges and gifts. How To Play: Join shapes of the same color by dragging your finger to form a chain. You need a minimum of 3 shapes to pop them. The longer the chain the higher the score. Each game play has a timer. You earn extra time by linking more shapes together. Unlock the hidden gems to proceed to the next mission and get power ups. You need at least 2 stars to unlock the next mission. Grow through the ranks by completing all the mission in the given rank. You earn points, bonus points and extra game time depending on the number of shapes you connect. The score and number of moves are shown at the top of your screen. Your best score for each mission is updated automatically on every game play. Play as many games as you can to better your score at each level. Grow from been a Gentleman / Lady to the King or Queen of "Shapez" as you compete as having the highest score or having the largest chain of shapesMusic:
Operating System Android