100 doors World Of History

We represent your attention a fascinating puzzle game "100 doors world of history". These are very good puzzle from the category "100 doors", "100 floors" or "Escape from the room". Immerse yourself in a different era. Find a way out of any situation. Grow your brain by solving logic problems and at the same time you can relax and have a good time. The main task of the game - open the door to escape from the room and open the next level. To do - you need to solve small quest. In which you need to look for items on the stage, to apply them, shake the device, gently tilt your device and use your brain to solve logic task. Features: Have very good mini puzzles. You need find the hidden objects. Complete utilization of your devices features (shake, rotate). Beautiful graphics. 100 exciting levels. Puzzles some very interesting. You can skip hard levels for free. Game free.
Operating System Android