Block Puzzle Magic Hexagon

A new incredible classic hexagon 2016 for brainstorm puzzle games family. The logical problems inside this brain teaser will engage yourself into the unlimited block game. Wanna give it a try? Want to give your sharp mind a detour into the super square hexagon deluxe to see how that goes? Then you are in the right place. Free download Block Puzzle Magic Hexagon to your android device & get hooked. It is the most interesting puzzle you have ever held in your hands. The incredible gameplay is very intuitive and challenging designed to be your ultimate mind booster. Block Puzzle Magic Hexagon 2016 can be played at any pace to relax, train your brain, develop your mental skills, and keep you mentally fit. It is a pack of logical brain teaser problems for your sharp mind. It is a perfect and relaxing game to play whether you only have a few minutes or unlimited time. Challenge yourself and compete with your friends, colleagues and family in this new addictive brainstorming puzzle block games. The rule is quite easy for a brainstorming deluxe game, all you have to do is move super hexagons to create and destroy all the full lines in three directions. A row or column full of block busters will be eliminated, and you will get some score. You must be thinking this is too easy for a mind booster. Well here is your incredible brain teaser. Don't forget to avoid those logical blocks from filling the screen, otherwise its game over, no remaining problems to solve. Isn't this enough for unlimited fun in your free time? Square became the main character of addictive logical games a long time ago. Bored by same old easy brain teaser puzzles. Well than you are in for a treat. Download Block Puzzle Magic Hexagon to your android phone & try out the new brainstorm square 2016 for free. This deluxe edition puzzle is very addictive logical game. In it you have to fit all squares into shaded area matching their colors. Easy at first, but it will quickly get more incredible for your sharp mind. We hope this classic hexagon 2016 version is very intriguing & addictive. Some super complex logical problems have been added in various stages of brainstorming puzzle games. How to play Block Puzzle Magic Hexagon & get unlimited points-- Drag the super hexagon to make a line. Be careful on choosing exact place to put, if you are not brainstorming enough the incredible blocks in those games will fill up your screen in no time. No time limits for this deluxe version. Create combo busters to get a score booster. Blocks can't be rotated. So more brainstorm for you. Still think its easy. Square blocks can be tricky so keep sharp eyes for empty spaces. Special Features include. Simple rules and Easy to control. Various characters for blocks & amazing graphic designs. Beautiful gems as jewels deluxe. Cool sound effects. Good for brainstorming, Amazing mind booster games. Two different modes- super square & classic hexagon. These particular super hexagon brainstorming puzzle games were made specially to challenge your brain activity. We have successfully designed some quite intriguing logical problems in the classic hexagon mode. So why keep waiting? Take out your android device & download this brain teaser game. Take an amazing journey of logic, brainstorm & unlimited block busters. Experience the best puzzle booster for your sharp mind. If you like our classic Block Puzzle Magic Hexagon edition 2016 then please take a moment & rate it. Your honest reviews help us making more successful apps.
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