Welcome to Sudoku World. The best ever Brain game. With this free Sudoku or Number Place, you will never need any other Sudoku puzzle Game. Because this Sudoku game have provided you so many Sudoku that allow to to play endlessly and it is completely free. With more than 10000 games. 2 grid types. 5 different regions. 5 difficulty levels each of them more than 100 games. Want to challenge yourself? Play the Fiendish. Want something fun and casual, Select from the Easy, Medium, challenging and hard. Want a classic Sudoku puzzle game? Play this. The standard Sudoku board offer you the classic Sudoku game. Want more than classic Sudoku game? Try the Squiggly board. A brand new experience of the Sudoku game. Want more? Try the X-Sudoku, Hyper-Sudoku, Percent-Sudoku, Color-Sudoku, there are so many variance for you to select. Want to keep track the time you use to solve a Sudoku game? This app shows and record the time you spend on a Sudoku game. Like to play by eliminating value in a Sudoku game? Yes, you got it from this app. Features: Five difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, challenging, hard and Fiendish. Two beautiful grid styles: Standard and Squiggly. Choose light and dark Sudoku board - suitable for night/day mode selection. Endless collection crafted puzzles. Auto save your game - Avoid missing your progress. Unlimited Undo/Redo. Intuitive interface and input system. Cell first and digit first input system. support play by eliminating value. Error checking.
Operating System Android