Words Against The Clock

Words Against The Clock. Words Against The Clock is a fast paced word-building game. The game board contains letters that the player must use to build words. When the player uses letters to build a valid word, those letters are taken off the board and are replaced by new letters. Players are given 2 minutes to create words. Once the time runs out, the game is over. Normal Mode -- Individual letters do not hold a point value. The amount of points awarded for a given word that the player submits is based solely on the length of that word. Longer words award much more points than shorter words. Classic Mode -- Different letters hold different point values. For example, using a rare letter like 'X' to build a word awards much more points than using a common letter like 'E'. If at any point you find that you can't make a word out of the letters given to you, click the 'I've got nothing. ' button to get a new set of words. However, using this button will result in a loss of points. If you try to use a particular word that you feel is valid, but the game says that it's not a valid word, please report this in the feedback section. Based on what was submitted, the developer may choose to add the word to the game's dictionary in a future update.
Operating System Android