CS GO Double Skins Game

Added Shadow Case for opening new skins and knives. Double Skins Game - is a fun, addictive and a very simple puzzle game with CS: GO skins. Swipe to move the tiles. When two tiles with the same skin touch, they merge into one with skin better quality. Continue until you not open one of the knives of the current collection. Open all the knives, but be careful, - game is very addictive. Can you open skins from mil-spec grade quality to covert knife? The task is not easy. Enjoy, pick up the open CS: GO skins in your inventory and share results with your friends - let them jealous. Available cases: Shadow Case. Chroma Case. Chroma 2 Case. Gamma Case. Chroma 3 Case. Operation Wildfire Case. Falchion Case. more cases in future updatesAvailable knives: Shadow Daggers. Bayonet. Flip-Knife. Gut-Knife. Karambit. M9 Bayonet. Bowie Knife. Falchion Knife. more knives in future updatesIMPORTANT: skins in the game, you have opened, can not be used and displayed in the inventory Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
Operating System Android