Are you addicted to word games such as scrabble, hangman and other word puzzles? Then here is something that is more interesting and even better for you."Guess The Words" is a new words puzzle game that is fun to play either alone or with friends. It has a very simple concept just like its name; guess the correct English word and you get the maximum score. This game entails you to guess the hidden English words by creating them from letters provided and get a maximum score if your guess was right. Experiencing some difficulties in guessing the right words? You don't have to worry, just touch a word and you'll see some hint in a hilarious way. If you still cannot get the words right, you can mix up the bunch letters to come up with a word that can in some way result to another word. You'll as well get a score for it. This game has 540 carefully prepared levels that you'll work on, you're required to establish one word derived from four pictures. Every level has around 10 to 20 hidden words for you to search and find correctly. You'll be left thinking deeply and carefully on how to find the right word that will match the mix of letters provided. This word puzzle game has levels that are quite easy and some levels such as the master are very tricky and challenging. The mystery of searching and guessing the correct words makes this game enjoyable and addictive. You'll be rewarded for every correct word that you come up with. Pros: It's simple to play. Some of the levels are simple but become tricky as you pass through levels. Fun to play. Has very cool graphics and sounds too. Has widespread vocabulary that have thousands of English nouns. Integrates hundreds of levels. Have hilarious hints. It's the new trend, so don't be left out. You can play with your friends too to be more entertaining. Cons: The game is so addictive that you'll never get enough of it. Stay tuned: Facebook: Twitter: feedback, suggestions and comments? Then mail us
Operating System Android