Bubble shooter. Break the group of three or more bubbles of the same color. The goal -- to destroy all bubbles of the minimum number of moves. The game board shifted down one line if in three moves was not broken a bubbles. Touch screen and hold finger to show boresight. You can play in two variants of game: classic game, each time re-created;. pre-created levels, (3500). So far, so interesting, try to complete it. You can choose two variants for game board shifting in classic game: without adding new bubbles;. adding new rows of bubbles at the top. Also: you can choose number of colors of bubbles in classic game;. you can prevent screen sleep while playing;. you can choose the number of displayed future bubbles;. four bubbles themes; choose the one which you like best. nice animation. You can find classic game board settings in the "Settings" menu (board size, number of colors etc. ). Try to change them -- and you will discover a completely different game. The developer's crew will glad to receive your wishes and comments. Please, write us about bugs and send your wishes of the interface and functionality. We will answer you. Thanks for using Bubble Shooter.
Operating System Android