Real Kakuro

-- The #1 Kakuro on all mobile platforms now available on Windows PC ! -- ++ 2,000 boards to challenge you in 5 different difficulty levels, FREE and UNLOCKED ++ For those new to Kakuro: it's a challenging logic puzzle game that mixes crosswords and math. If you enjoy a challenge, you will love this game! It is similar to other Japanese logic puzzles such as Sudoku, Nonogram, Picross and Hitori. With highly polished graphics and smooth gameplay, Real Kakuro is a truly unique and pleasant logic puzzle experience. And best of all for Real Kakuro puzzle fans, no automatic generators with multiple solutions, and they are all included for free here! No need to pay to unlock anything. Kakuro, also known as cross sums and sum totals, is like a crossword puzzle with numbers. Each "word" must add up to the number provided at the top of the column or to the left of the row. Words can only use the numbers 1 through 9, and a given number can only be used once in a word. Every Kakuro game can be solved through logic alone. All puzzles have been tested and have a solution - if you get stuck in any particular board and think there is no solution, reset the board and start over. You will manage to find the correct solution if you open your mind and explore different paths. This is what makes Kakuro so fun and challenging! Real Kakuro puzzle is a very elegant game, providing fabulous gameplay experience with 2000 unique games in 5 different difficulty levels. Can you solve them all?
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 2015.424.1934.1557
Operating System Windows, Windows 8, Windows 10
System Requirements None