Meow, my name is Kitty Cat. Welcome to this big adventure of my little puzzle cats. They're a bit lost from their normal cat life and need a chef to prepare the street food in a purrfect way. Will you take care of the kittens and become the 'Chef of street food' that Kitty Cat needs? As a chef you're job is to prepare the street food for all my little puzzle cats out there. Match 3 puzzle objects is your main task. Matching cookies, fish, meat and candies is so much fun. Delicious charms are ready for a new chef in their cat life. Me as Kitty Cat will be your personal assistant and will take care of you during this big adventure with kittens. The puzzle cats live in a beautiful kingdom, I call it our fantasy wonderland. It's amazing, delicious and full of cookies, fish, meat and candies. So. Become our 'Chef of street food' and change their cat life into a purrfect big adventure. Meow. Kitty Cat Adventure Keys? Match 3 Puzzle Cats ChallengesThe beautiful kingdom of the kittens is full of really challenging matching levels. It's easy to learn, but it can be hard to master. Can you solve all of the big adventure challenges. Chef of Street FoodStep in the cat life of Kitty Cat and become the number one chef of street food that we need. My little kittens' food is a bit lost. Match 3 puzzle objects together and make delicious meals. Purrfect FoodJoin my little kittens before you get lost in our fantasy wonderland. You can find cookies, meat, fish and candies. And many more. Rescue the milk for the little pets, prepare them for the real cat life. Meow. Become Friends with Puzzle CatsAsk your facebook friends to help us in this Kitty Cat Adventure also. You cannot rescue the kittens and pets on your own. You will get lost for a little in their fantasy wonderland. Help the puzzle cats together. It's time to become 'Chef of street food' for all my little kittens in this beautiful kingdom now. The big adventure is about to start and all match 3 puzzle cats need you in their cat life. Swap cookies, meat, fish and candies in a purrfect way. Let's help us in Kitty Cat Adventure. Meow. Help us by rating Kitty Cat Adventure with lots of stars. We would appreciate it. A big 'Thank you. ' to all the people that are playing already, purrfect. You can also follow us. Facebook: http:// http://
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