Hexasmash Pro is the full version on Hexasmash, including all 150 LEVELS. Swing the pendulum and release the wrecking ball with perfect timing to destroy the hexagonal jewels in as few moves as possible. Destroy the blue hexagons to pass the level, and the more difficult green hexagons to unlock bonus levels. Use the objects in each level together to try and minimise the number of moves you need to destroy all the hexagons. You'll have to use your brain power to make sure you're being as efficient as possible, as well as expert timing to hit the perfect spot every time. Blast through walls, destroy stuff with explosives, knock over crates, crush rocks, roll the ball and smash glass. You won't be able to put Hexasmash down. Features include: 150 exciting levels that you can play again and again to improve your score. 15+ physics objects in a realistic physics environment. Awesome effects. Beautiful graphics. Ultra smooth game play. Easy navigation and menu. Quick restart button on each level. 9 language options. Google Play Game Services connected, with achievements to unlock. More level packs coming soon. No Ads. Play it now.
Operating System Android