Brain On: Dot Physics

Its time to get your 'Brain On' in this new physics game. Draw on the screen to guide the dot to the cup and complete the levelUse all of your brain power to work out the physics and get the dot where it needs to be. Packed with a variety of different mind boggling puzzles to test your skills and work out your brain. The dot needs to be placed into the cup on each level. To do this you must draw on the screen with your finger and use the lines that are draw as physics objects to move the dot in the right direction. Some levels test your brain power more than others, but don't worry its starts of easy and increases in difficultly. 'Brain On' is going to become your favorite new game and we encourage you to rate and share your physics adventure and progress. Lots of mind bending levels to try and completeSuperb physics and drawing controlsPut your brain to the test and solve each puzzle as you work out how to move the dot to the goal.
Operating System Android