Shatter Crash is a fast-paced, 3D block matching game played on a spherical puzzle board. Position and drop shapes, creating destructive combos to strip away layers and reveal the center of the sphere. With the help of STAN, your nanobot guide, explore the vast network of cyberspace, solve fast paced puzzles, unlock new and powerful programs, cleanse infected systems, and free trapped nanobots. FAST AND FURIOUS PUZZLE SOLVING. Race against the clock, create huge block combos, and stay one step ahead of the encroaching sphere. CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION AND LEVELING. Shatter Crash takes action puzzle games to the next level with a customizable character with equipment leveling. RESPONSIVE AND INTUITIVE TOUCH CONTROLS. Move around Nodes, activate programs, and drop blocks - all with simple button taps and swipes. SIMPLE NAVIGATION. Easy to use controls allow effortless navigation through the network to locate hidden programs and free nanobots. Follow Us On Twitter. Follow Us On Facebook. Us on Google Plus. http://plus.
File Size32.66 MB
Operating System Android