Go beyond the normal and enjoy the thrill of becoming a Sudoku Master by solving multiple variants and combinations of this world famous game. Sudoku: Original 9x9 Sudoku; Center Dot Sudoku; Asterisk Sudoku; Girandola Sudoku; Windoku (Four-Box Sudoku, Hyper Sudoku); Sudoku-X (Diagonal Sudoku); Bent Diagonal; Jigsaw Sudoku (Geometry Number Place); Double Irregular (Original & Jigsaw Combined). x By x: 6x6, 8x8, 10x10, 12x12, 15x15, 16x16 Sudoku Boards. Colors: Rainbow; Rainbow Stripes; Rainbow Shift; Sudoku-DG Offset (Offset Sudoku). Extra Regions: Crosshairs; Heart; Percent; Pyramids; SmileyDoku; Stairs; Staples; Lace; Focus; Bloomdoku; Torn-Bloomdoku; Ninjutsudoku; Windoku-X; Clover-X; Gwindoku. Argyle: Argyle; Fish Bone; SnowFlake; LargeX; BoldX; Diamond; Squared Outline; Double Diagonal; Rectangle Outline. Constraints: Even/Odd; Trio; Low/High; Low/Medium/High. Special Rules: Palindrome; Fortress Sudoku; Ten-Box Sudoku; Mirror Sudoku; Wallpaper Sudoku; Cylindrical Sudoku; Toroidal Sudoku; Clone Sudoku; Non Consecutive; NoTwo Sudoku; Jing Sudoku; Anti-Knight; Anti-King; Camel; Giraffe; Ostrich; Flamingo; Elephant; Zebra; Antelope; Root 50. Clueless: Clueless Sudoku; Clueless Explosion; Clueless SExplosion; Mini Clueless Windoku-X. Gattai-2: Twodoku (Sensei, Twins); DoubleDoku (Gattai-Near-2); Conjoined Sudoku. Gattai-3: Gattai-3; Triple Doku. Gattai-4: Sohei Sudoku (Ring, Diamond); Butterfly Sudoku (Gattai-Near-4); Quatro Sudoku; Mini-Windmill Sudoku. Gattai-5: Samurai Sudoku (High Five); Flower Sudoku; Cross Sudoku; Windmill Sudoku (Kazaguruma); Wing Sudoku; Kunoichi Sudoku; Windoku Windmill-X. Gattai-8: 2x Gattai-8; Harakiri. Gattai-9: Ninja. Gattai-11: Shogun. Gattai-13: Sumo; Sumo Special. Special Variants: Sudoku Parquet; Table Cloth; Spinal Tap; Capsules; 0-9 Sudoku; Tight Fit Sudoku; Will Sudoku; Pentagram Sudoku.
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