LDS Game Bundle Vol. 1 is 5 fun games and activities packaged into one bundle with a Book of Mormon theme for all to enjoy. The games have multiple levels of difficulty so kids and adults can have fun and be challenged. Memory, Word Search, and Mazes are all keeping track of time so you can compare fastest times between players or beat your own fastest time. LDS Game Bundle Vol. 2 is now available as well. Main Menu- Read the randomly chosen scripture displayed on the Golden Plates each time you open the app or change games. Add your name to the player list to track your fastest times in Maze, Memory, and Word Search- Compare fastest times on the "Choose Player" screen. Coloring Book- 10 different and detailed coloring pages depicting stories from the Book or Mormon with over 48 colors to choose from. 7 quick and fun coloring pages- Utilize pinch-to-zoom to fill in the small spaces- Choose your color and tap to fill in the spaceTalk Bingo- Talk Mode: Have your kids play Bingo while they closely listen to talks or stories you read from a favorite church magazine- Caller Mode: Have one of the players be the "Caller" in caller mode when a talk isn't available by tapping the "Next Call" button to have the device randomly choose a word for the players (each player requires their own device)- Choose from 25 patterns to playMazes- Navigate your way through randomly generated Mazes with 3 levels of difficulty. Use swiping actions to move around, or use the directions on the compass. Memory- Test your Memory using colorful cards on a randomly generated board with 3 levels of difficulty (12 cards, 20 cards, and 30 cards). Word Search- Seek out familiar Book of Mormon words in randomly generated Word Search grids with 3 levels of difficulty. Currently selected letters are displayed at the top of the Golden Plates to help you know what you have selected when your finger is in the way. Please come back and write a review after you have played the games for awhile. We love the feedback and use it to improve our products in future releases. It also helps others decide if they would like to purchase LDS Game Bundle Vol. 1. Thanks. Note: Somnium Software LLC is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS). This app contains portions of libgdx covered by Apache 2. 0 - http://www.apache. org/licenses/LICENSE-2. 0. txt.
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