Mining for Words is a word game. You begin with a random set of 144 tiles stacked in a Mah Jong solitaire style pyramid. Some tiles are open for play, while others are buried in their stacks or blocked from play by surrounding tiles. You score points by building words from letter tiles that are open for play. As you build words by removing letter tiles from the pyramid, new tiles are opened for play. The score for each word is based on its length, with longer words scoring significantly more points (revolt is worth 21 points while revolutionary is worth 91 points). Clearing all 144 tiles from the pyramid earns a bonus of 200 points, so you must craft your final words carefully. Supported device sizes range from the tiny 2. 7 inch QVGA up to ten inch tablets.coming Soon: Mining for Words 1. 1 - The Leaderboard Edition.
File Size630.06 kB
Operating System Android