Vocabul Jumble (Word Jumble)

Vocabul Jumble is a word based jumble game for mobile & tablet devices enjoyable by kids and grown-ups alike. Parents often feel their kids need to increase their Vocabulary by reading ?? News Articles, Books, Dictionaries. Do kids enjoy them ? Naahh. Enter Vocabul range of products, which make learning new Vocabulary fun. Vocabul Jumble presents a fun way (Gaming) to enthuse kids to learn more words than ever before. With over 10,000 words at their database, they form intriguing jumbled words, search mazes and ask the kids to learn those words as the game progresses from Level after Level. A natural way of gaming improves their focus, hand-eye co-ordination all the while sitting on their couch. In the Beginner & Intermediate Level of the game involves solving 5 words per Level with a varied difficulty of grades 1 & 2 upto Level 50 within a timeframe of 60 seconds. From Levels 51 and further, difficult words with grades 3 and above are introduced and 4 and 3 word jumbles are to be solved within a timeframe of 90 seconds. These levels are called Advanced & Master Levels. With completion of Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced & Master Levels, a completion certificate is issued for appreciating the accomplishment of the kids. By the end of the game, the kids will be enriched with atleast 1,000 words. This leaves the game to played again and again to learn all the 10,000 words available in the database. Over 10,000 words in the database to learn; Natural touch gaming to engage the kids; Difficulty Levels & Grades to encourage a very ascending game movement; Multi-User Gaming to enjoy healthy competition between siblings & friends.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.1.16
Operating System Android
System Requirements None