Flagscholar is a fun and addictive game for learning the flags of the world. Play for the high score by racing against the clock for points. Score points for correct answers. :) Lose points for incorrect answers. :( There are 3 ways of learning and playing. 1) Mouse game: Drag flag pictures to matching country names or vice-versa and make them disappear one by one. If you are incorrect, the correct answer flashes for you to help you learn. Play until all the flags are gone. 2) Keyboard: Type the name of the displayed flag. The game tells you the correct answer if you are incorrect so you can learn the flag. Play until all the countries in the region you selected are answered correctly. 3) Browse: Click a name or flag to bring up an interactive atlas of the world that displays the flag and information about it. Browsing allows you to just use FlagScholar as a reference tool. Pan around the world and zoom in and out to explore other countries and the world's physical features. Flagscholar is visually stunning and you can customize the look of the game. You can learn the world region by region, or test your knowledge of the all the flags of the world. Included regions are: North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Eurasia, Oceania, United States, Canada and the Entire World. Flags of the United States of America and Flags of the Provinces of Canada are also included.
Price USD 1.99
License Free to try
File Size 70.53 MB
Version 1.3
Operating System Windows, Windows 7, Windows 8
System Requirements 2GB ram, 3D graphics card