Scamps inhabit one of the distant planets. They are nice and hairy creatures you will like. Unfortunately scamps have one problem - there is so many of them that there is no space on their planet for all of them! Help scamps and send them back to other, neighboring planet! The game offers five different game modes: COLOR CLEAR Remove scamps of same colours by touching the scamp who touches at least one scamp of the same color. The more scamps you remove in one go, the more points you get! Remove completely scamps of the same colour to get Color-Clear Bonus! Do not let scamps occupy the entire screen. With time you will see scamps in additional colours. 90 SECONDS The 90 seconds mode is a mode in which you have 90 seconds to play the game. Your playing time may be extended when you completely remove scamps of the same colour. MORE COLORS In this mode, you will see scamps in other colours and colorful scamps, so the game will be much more interesting! EXTREME Here, you remove scamps provided that there are at least three scamps of the same color next to each other. TIME ATTACK Time Attack is an uncontrollable attack of scamps. No matter how you remove scamps, you will have other groups of scamps falling suddenly. Individual Scamps characters You can enable or disable up to four individual Scamps characters which make your game much more interesting: - Dark touch a scamp to remove him, be careful because dark scamps can beat their neighbours! - Chimney sweep - a seemingly harmless scamp but he can send neighbouring scamps to other planet. Just touch the scamp. - Colorful this scamp does not care who his neighbour is. You cannot touch him but he is willing to go with his neighbors.Game features: - Several types and colours of scamps - Individual features of scamps - Five game modes- Additional Bonus Game - "Who is next?" - Funny and realistic Scamps sound effects and animations- The use of the elements of physics - Great playability The Scamps game is a variety of classic games which, by combining elements of physics as well as funny scamps, will give you a lot of time of great and light entertainment!Recent changes:- Additional Bonus Game "Who is next?" after 2x Color Clear Combo- NEW character - COLORFUL SCAMP- Other changes and improvementsContent rating: Everyone
File Size6.23 MB
Operating System Android 2.3.3 - Android 2.3.7 Android Android 2.2
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.2 and above.