VstarSoft's Numbers

VstarSoft's Numbers is a competitive single or multiplayer game focusing on the puzzle of solving numerical mysteries. The game is written for any mobile phone which supports java technology. The multiplayer mode of the game can be played using bluetooth technology to establish a communication between the players.You will appreciate the attractiveness of this game when it is played between two human players. The concept of the game is to find a hidden number which is created by your opponent. You will try to find this number using some set of rules and for every attempt you make your opponent will tell you some information regarding your progress in finding the hidden number,who ever finds the hidden number using fewer attempts will win the game. At first you may think that this is a guessing game but once you get to understand the game you will realize it's not,in fact it requires some higher level numerical analysis skill to beat your opponents. This is because for every attempt the player makes to solving the puzzle,he or she must relay on the information that was achieved from the previous attempts.Just try to play this game with your math professor and you would know what we mean. Since the game will take some getting used to it came with a very detailed help topics which includes examples on how to play the game.
LicenseFree to try
File Size162.61 kB
Operating System Mobile Java
System RequirementsMIDP 2.0/CLDC 1.1